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I don't like castration. At all.

I'll say it outright, clearly and boldly - if the President wants to know my position on testicles vis-a-vis their removal from humans, colorful imaginary horses or any other sapient creature, I will unequivocally state that I am against it. I feel this position is not one I am likely to change, really, opposition to genital mutilation being something of a well-fixed star in my moral firmament.

What's disconcerting is that of late, holding this stance has put me in a bit of a bind when it comes to working with :iconpony-berserker:. I mean, Poobs and I have had some disagreements before about what constitutes funny, but probably never to this degree.

The disagreement I think in this case boils down to the way I approach dark humor. When I do it, the way I like to approach the problem is to aim the reader at a terrifying cliff and mat the throttle, but then swerve at the last second; the twist is that something awful was going to happen but then it didn't - terror has been averted, or at least subverted.

P-B on the other hand is a bit more straightforward in how he uses it, in that he just drives you straight off the fucking cliff, no swerving, no twist, just maniacal banshee whooping all the way down to the inevitable, terrifying conclusion. To him, the horror itself is humorous. The darker and more taboo the subject matter, the funnier.

Personally, I just don't particularly hold with the idea that lopping the gonies off of some poor horse is a funny thing, in and of itself. In my mind, there has to be some twist, some intellectual play, something other than "a guy got his 'nads excised" to make it funny. This isn't to say that his way is necessarily wrong and my way is necessarily right, just that we have differing styles when it comes to the use of darkness.

Maybe it's something lost in translation between East and West, like how Dostoevsky basically wrote really long-winded suicide notes and the Soviets thought it was hilarious fun times. I don't know. Maybe I can't know.

So what's to be done about it? Well, in my case I'm going to stand behind my artist and my friend. He made a choice, and I support him. Full stop. I thought Mayor Mare planting bills because she's an earth pony would be hilarious - not so, said the people! They even harassed threatened the poor OC in the comic over it, to my absolute astonishment.

Now, P-B could have pitched me under the bus for that one; given that it actually screwed with one of his Patreon supporters, it would have absolutely been easiest for him to lay that one at my feet and walk away, but he didn't.

I respect that. I respect him. 


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I am a terrible man who draws things with a beat up tablet.


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